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  • Mark Williams

    Author since March 14th, 2015 from Bedford, United Kingdom Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Mark Williams is an international best-selling author and British ex-pat living bemneath picture-postcard skies in The Gambia, West Africa.   He is author of the books Sugar & Spice and Anca's Story, published under the name Saffina Desforges.   Co-author...
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  • Sinkronigo publishing

    Publisher since April 23th, 2015 from Barcelona, Spain Reviews 0 Discussions 1
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    We create electronic books enhanced with their human narration. Each word in the text gets highlighted as it is spoken. Our eBooks allow for a multi-sensorial experience, where the reader gets inmersed into the story. Also, if you are reading a book in a language...
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  • Christopher Jackson-Ash

    Publisher since December 8th, 2014 from Australia Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Christopher Jackson-Ash is in his late fifties and lives in Melbourne Australia. He has had a varied career in chemical engineering and risk management. Now that his children are grown up, he has returned to bohemia and is concentrating on his first love, writing....
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  • Trisha M. Wilson

    Author since December 17th, 2014 from Wisconsin Reviews 0 Discussions 1
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    Trisha M. Wilson lives in Wisconsin. With a degree in History and minors in Math and Business Administration, Ms. Wilson still has no idea what she wants to do with her life. When not regularly contributing on, she leads the life of a happy hermit with...
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  • Rudyard Kipling

    Publisher since October 29th, 2015 from Warszawa, Poland Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Rudyard Kipling was born in 1865 in Bombay, the place on Earth he admired the most and later described in his famous books. He couldn't join the army because of sight problems and became an avid military journalist and soon the successful short-story writer, poet,...
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  • Aleksander Sowa

    Author since March 28th, 2015 from Opole, Poland Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Aleksander Sowa (born 1979 in Paczków, Poland), freelance writer, self-publisher, Web 2.0. author. Author's website:
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