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  • Trisha M. Wilson

    Author since December 17th, 2014 from Wisconsin Reviews 0 Discussions 1
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    Trisha M. Wilson lives in Wisconsin. With a degree in History and minors in Math and Business Administration, Ms. Wilson still has no idea what she wants to do with her life. When not regularly contributing on, she leads the life of a happy hermit with...
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  • Julien Boyer

    Author since September 26th, 2015 from Leipzig, Germany Reviews 8 Discussions 8
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    I'm actually a writer! I read too, don't worry
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  • Sam Stemler

    Author since December 5th, 2014 from Michigan Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Samantha Stemler is an independent author, blogger and promotional writer living in Lansing, Michigan.  Her first novel, a teen romance entitled That Freak Kid, was written during and inspired by her own high school experience.  The novel was refined and published...
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  • Julie Roberts Towe

    Publisher since May 20th, 2015 from Allen, Texas Reviews 4 Discussions 2
    Julie Roberts Towe spent most of her life in east Tennessee in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The beauty of nature is ever present in her writing. Now living in a North Texas suburb with her husband and four children, Julie returns home to Appalachia in...
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  • Richard Milner

    Author since January 18th, 2015 from Brookfield Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Richard Milner is an author who loves tackling challenging and disturbing topics through allegory and myth. He is a writing consultant, a former English teacher, and a narrative designer in the video game industry. He is also the creator and moderator of Sit Down,...
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  • Rita Edah

    Publisher since December 19th, 2014 from Poland Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Rita Ese Edah is passionate about helping people overcome barriers. A mother of three, playing with the family pet Bolognese and crocheting random pieces help her to unwind from the stresses of daily living. Rita is based in Essex.
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  • Aleksander Sowa

    Author since March 28th, 2015 from Opole, Poland Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Aleksander Sowa (born 1979 in Paczków, Poland), freelance writer, self-publisher, Web 2.0. author. Author's website:
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