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  • Brady Koch

    Author since December 3th, 2014 from Bronxville, New York Reviews 0 Discussions 7
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    Feel free to read over Brady's shoulder if you see him working on a new novel or short story at the coffee shop, library, or commuter train into NYC. Despite his penchant for crime, horror, and the unusual in his writing, he's actually a nice guy and welcomes your...
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  • Jim Bowering

    Author since December 4th, 2014 from Canada Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Jim has fought forest fires and controlled traffic in the air and on the sea.  Now he writes stories.
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  • Brandon Carbaugh

    Author since December 17th, 2014 from Pennsylvania Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Author, editor, ghostwriter, screenwriter, heavyweight boxer, astronaut, gladiator, Power Ranger, Dúnedain rider, humanoid typhoon, and space cowboy.
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  • Drew Bankston

    Author since December 5th, 2014 from Fort Collins, Colorado Reviews 2 Discussions 2
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    Born and raised in California, Drew began moving around when he was 14. From California to the East Coast and from Texas to Idaho, Drew has seen this country and met its people. He knew that he had to begin writing when the stories in his head became so numerous that...
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  • Colby R Rice

    Author since December 16th, 2014 Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Sci-fi, Fantasy, & Thriller Novelist. Screenwriter. Film Producer. Globetrotter. Action Junkie. Rebel Ragdoll. A shameless nerd and bookworm since the age of five, Colby R Rice is the author of Ghosts of Koa, the first novel in The Books of Ezekiel, a...
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  • Shannon McDermott

    Author since December 20th, 2014 from Springfield, MO, Missouri Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Shannon McDermott is the author of the fantasy novel The Valley of Decision, as well as the futuristic The Last Heir. She has written the Adventures of Christian Holmes, a series of humorous detective novellas, and Beauty of the Lilies and Summer Leaves (Sons of...
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  • Chrissey Harrison

    Author since April 22th, 2015 from Clevedon, United Kingdom Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Author and Indie Publisher with Great Escape Publishing. I write sci-fi/fantasy, action-adventure and horror/thriller novels and short stories, usually with a dose of romance on the side.
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  • Damon L. Wakes

    Author since May 18th, 2016 from Eastleigh, United Kingdom Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Damon L. Wakes holds an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, and writes just about anything that springs to mind. He produces both short stories and novels, and particularly enjoys crafting new worlds.
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  • M. Darusha Wehm

    Author since December 17th, 2014 Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    M. Darusha Wehm is the three-time Parsec Award shortlisted author of the novels Beautiful Red, Self Made, Act of Will and The Beauty of Our Weapons. Her next novel, Children of Arkadia, is forthcoming from Bundoran Press in early 2015. Her short fiction has appeared...
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  • Marcin Rusnak

    Author since May 3th, 2016 from Wrocław, Poland Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Wrocławianin, rocznik 1984. Z wykształcenia anglista i doktor literaturoznawstwa, z zamiłowania pisarz i muzyk. Fan Neila Gaimana, Jima Jarmuscha, ostrego rocka i czeskiego piwa. Publikował w SFFiH, Coś na progu, Esensji, Qfancie. Jego opowiadania wygrywały w...
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