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  • Monika Pacyfka Tichy

    Author since February 21th, 2015 from Poland Reviews 13 Discussions 30
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    I am... woman, lover, life passionate, motorcyclist, traveler, journalist, reader, writer
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  • Trisha M. Wilson

    Author since December 17th, 2014 from Wisconsin Reviews 0 Discussions 1
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    Trisha M. Wilson lives in Wisconsin. With a degree in History and minors in Math and Business Administration, Ms. Wilson still has no idea what she wants to do with her life. When not regularly contributing on, she leads the life of a happy hermit with...
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  • Julien Boyer

    Author since September 26th, 2015 from Leipzig, Germany Reviews 8 Discussions 8
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    I'm actually a writer! I read too, don't worry
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  • Łukasz Śmigiel

    Author since March 20th, 2016 from Wrocław, Poland Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Łukasz Śmigiel (r. 1982) – autor opowiadań (zbiory „Demony”, „Mordercy”) oraz powieści („Muzykologia”, „Decathexis”, "Liczba Bestii"). Dziennikarz i publicysta, pracownik UWr. Publikował w prasie kulturalnej ( „Tygiel Kultury”, „Przekrój”, „Angora”, „Gazeta...
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  • Rachel Starr Thomson

    Publisher since December 5th, 2014 Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Rachel Starr Thomson is a writer, indie publisher, and editor. She's the author of the Seventh World Trilogy and other novels and short stories. Rachel is a homeschool graduate, a dweller in southern Canada, a lover of long walks, good books, hot tea, and rich...
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  • Aaron Crocco

    Author since January 16th, 2015 from New York Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Aaron Crocco can be summed up as a writer and a podcaster, but complicating issues further is the fact that he's a huge geek, Apple fanboy and loves Back to the Future so much that he owns a Delorean. In the mid-2000′s his writing spark was reignited and he's been...
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  • Mark Brandon Powell

    Author since December 20th, 2014 from schertz, Texas Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Writer, Father, Gamer
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  • Brady Koch

    Author since December 3th, 2014 from Bronxville, New York Reviews 0 Discussions 7
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    Feel free to read over Brady's shoulder if you see him working on a new novel or short story at the coffee shop, library, or commuter train into NYC. Despite his penchant for crime, horror, and the unusual in his writing, he's actually a nice guy and welcomes your...
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  • Brandon Carbaugh

    Author since December 17th, 2014 from Pennsylvania Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Author, editor, ghostwriter, screenwriter, heavyweight boxer, astronaut, gladiator, Power Ranger, Dúnedain rider, humanoid typhoon, and space cowboy.
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  • Shannon McDermott

    Author since December 20th, 2014 from Springfield, MO, Missouri Reviews 0 Discussions 0
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    Shannon McDermott is the author of the fantasy novel The Valley of Decision, as well as the futuristic The Last Heir. She has written the Adventures of Christian Holmes, a series of humorous detective novellas, and Beauty of the Lilies and Summer Leaves (Sons of...
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