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It’s time to take out time!!

All set, daily routine broken down into the life’s priorities, buffered slots, weekend time for leisure and you can go on. How many times have we all done it? We have read articles about time management, setting small goals, but how many of us have actually implemented it and made the routine a habit.

Taking my personal example I always pledge to do exercise daily but I don’t usually get up in the morning though I know that it is important. So let’s work out something very realistic which can help us shape our lives and accommodate not all but many of our priorities and to do activities.

So let’s call this as – “Per Week Schedule”. What happens in a week? Okay, nothing much but cumulating all the upcoming weeks together, it definitely is bound to make a difference.

Let’s draft a weekly schedule and just concentrate on the week and think nothing beyond it currently. Also, the vital aspect here is not to overburden oneself with extremely rigid timeframes and accommodating all that one could possibly do to his fullest capacity. The point is to do the activity perfectly but taking baby steps and being ‘patient’.

Even though you can’t get up early everyday but do it twice or thrice, and do certain workouts. If you have interest in reading and writing or studying, select two days in the week and just go for it. The same holds true for every activity that you intend to do.

If you dedicatedly follow the schedule for a week, then it is likely that you may feel happy about the achievement at the end of the week and the more is the probability to replicate it in the weeks to come.

So plan it, stick to it, and finally replicate it!!! 

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