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Importance of Career Planning

Planning constitutes an important part of an invidual's life. Proper planning leads to effective implementation and achievement of the desired goal. Tips for a successful career plan: Rank your craving - Lay down the prioritise for you in your life. Rank the following and finalise on which one of these do you want the most - Money, Power, Popularity. What are your strengths - Select your strength. Are you good at cooking, speaking, selling, serving people, etc. Select your subject/stream - Depending on your strength select your stream - Science and Technology, Management, Hotel Management, Medicine, Economics, Literature etc. Work backwards - Now that you have selected the your strength and the subject, you exactly know where you are heading. For example, If you are good in speaking and presentation Break the BIG goal into small sub goals - Break the big goal into smaller sub goals Fix a timeline for each sub goal - Attach each sub goal with a fixed number of days or months to accomplish Add buffer days - Do not forget to add buffer days to relax. Complete till finish Attitude - Do not surrender yourself half way. Make sure that you make a habit of completing whatever tasks that you have in hand. Celebrate the success of sub goals - Tap your shoulder and celebrate the success of completion of the sub goals.  

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