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“Nilofar possesses a bizarre marketing interpretations and ideologies. Very detail oriented, innovative player and eye for detailing perfectionist, her creative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, mega-multi skills along with the extensive domain knowledge, zest for success, cutting-edge strategies & leadership pros instrumentally makes her a tremendous asset to the firm. I have had the pleasure of working closely with such a methodical manager - Nilofar, who naturally performs as an inspiring mentor with most notably interpersonal skills and impeccably honed capacities to motivate a team about projects and how to be invested in achieving the projects' success. She takes necessary time and right efforts in ensuring everything workable with spontaneous managerial intelligence in conveying what is in the best interests of clients/audience. By the way, small-scaled talks are never her forte :) I would highly recommend her to any position as she'd be an indispensable asset to any endeavors. — ArjunTeja,Executive – Business Alliances, SamevaInc, worked directly with Nilofar at SamevaInc ---------------- "Nilofar is a talented and committed Marketing Professional. She understands her functional areas and has a track record of being able to master new marketing techniques and processes. Nilofar is one of the hardest working professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and she is a valuable teammate and an asset to the company who typically exceeds expectations. Working with Nilofar is a pleasure and I whole heartedly recommend Nilofar in all of her professional pursuit." — Shahbaaz Ahmed Khan, Business Alliances Manager, SamevaInc, worked directly with Nilofar at SamevaInc ---------------- "It is my pleasure working with Nilofar and she has been in charge of the marketing initiatives for Sameva Global. I've been steadily impressed with her acumen for marketing; specifically, cyber-marketing techniques for the mobile space. Her command of cutting-edge vernacular helps her meet ambitious objectives for the company. I am very satisfied with the results, and the professionalism. I highly recommend Nilofar." — Syed Aziz, Sr. Business Development, SamevaInc, worked directly with Nilofar at SamevaInc ---------------- "Nilofar deserves every credit and accolade. She is a person who gets the work done, every time and exceeds expectations." — Tommy Weir, Vice President, Leadership Solutions, Kenexa, managed Nilofar indirectly at Kenexa ---------------- "Nilofar is perfect at the work what she does. She has got amazing planning strategies. Extremely professional and excellent at her work, she makes sure that she gets the best results out. You can call her "The Queen Of Marketing" as she is so outstanding at her work. I wish her All the Best for her career." — Vinita Tosawad, Researcher / Sourcing Specialist, Kenexa Technologies Pvt. Ltd, worked with Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "I have worked briefly with Nilofar on this program and she was brilliant as usual. From what I have seen, she has very impressive presentation skills couple with some very good research and analytical knowledge. Her idea's & presentations received very positive feedback from the company leadership and institutions visiting us. Outside the context, she bags the credit of organizing the most successful media event ever for Kenexa globally without a frown. She has my highest recommendation." — Rakesh (Rob) Nath B., Director - RPO Shared Services, Kenexa, managed Nilofar indirectly at Kenexa ---------------- "Nilofar does a great job and fulfills all her responsibility with utmost ease and efficiency and I am proud of her......" — Hassan Ali, Student, Jamia Millia Islamia, studied with Nilofar at Jamia Millia Islamia ---------------- "A genius and dedicated, hardworking &, a very dedicated child. As a student she was always respectful and helpful." — Manjura Rehman, Counselor/project Coordinator/Academic Incharge, Red Roses Public School, taught Nilofar at Desouza's School ---------------- "Nilofar did a brilliant job in getting in the numbers for Kenexa Symposium. I have worked with Nilofar for about a year and my experience working with her has been great! She is an organized person - plans, sets targets and achieves them. She is very hard working, dependable and a determined person." — KarenzaDe'Niese, Account Manager, Mutual PR, was a consultant or contractor to Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "Nilofar is extremely hard working and believes in end-to-end delivery. She has an excellent ability to build and maintain customer relations. Her "never say no" attitude, is best. She did a fantastic job on the HR symposium in Bangalore." — Sonali P. S., Branch Head, Mutual PR, was a consultant or contractor to Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "Nilofar is remarkably enthusiastic individual with whom to work. She is an outstanding public relations pro who provides excellent client service and is terrific with media relations and event planning." — Sunil Patnaik, Corporate/CRM (Marketing), Kenexa, worked directly with Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "Nilu is the most talented and down to earth person that I have ever came across in my life. She is a great orator, fundamentally strong and logical person. She is an amazing team worker and always loves to get to the core of the problem. I know she will reach get heights in her life and for that my wishes are always there with her." — YazirHussain, Student, Jamia Millia Islamia, worked directly with Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "Most energetic, active, fun filled, naughty, adventurous, peppy, simple& sweet, dynamic, detail oriented & of all the best friend to rely on for the tough & as well the best of times. A great co-worker to work with, willing to help others, sharing of the best practices. I am falling short of words to describe her. She is an asset to any team she works along with. All the best for those whom she would be working along with. I am happy knowing you Nilofar. All the best. :)" — ShilpaVatchavai, CRM Specialist, Kenexa Technologies, worked directly with Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "Nilofar is a delight to work with, somebody who can change the tables without making others feel the pinch about. A true professional persona that manages work without any hesitation with loads of positive attitude. I wish her all the best for her future." — DiwakaraVamsi, Assistant Manager - Recruitments, Kenexa Technologies Pvt. Ltd., worked with Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "I hold Nilofar in the highest regard. I have always been able to count on her for any task that I have given her. Her attention to detail is outstanding. She is a thoroughly committed individual and I feel extremely lucky to have her on my team. She is an integral part of our success." — Michael Gegg, Director of Global Marketing Communications, Kenexa, managed Nilofar at Kenexa ---------------- "She is a smart, knows her priorities, very helpful, Knowledgeable and above all she is the best co-worker I ever had." — Imran Baig, CRM Specialist, Kenexa, worked directly with Nilofar at Kenexa

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