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Transcription Services in New York

Transcription Services in New York

There are many Transcription Services in New York City that provide transcription and translation services.

Transcription is the written text from the given audio or video file. Your company may be looking for transcription services for the project meetings, discussions, and other important audio or video files. It is best to choose professional transcription services for your project needs. Transcriptions are used by many industries like the medical industry, legal industry, food industry, and many more. We at Assist-NY never compromise on quality and it will be done fully only by humans. All your files will be transcribed by a professional transcriber based in New York. They will be delivering top-quality transcripts. 

Human transcribers are preferred by all when compared to machine transcriptions. There will be more chance of errors when transcription is done by machines. Those errors can be avoided if done by human transcribers. That's why at Assist NY we make sure all our transcription services are completely done by humans. 

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