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Between the Motion and the Act... Goes the Decision

Between the Motion and the Act... Goes the Decision

By okalinichenko

Imagine "The Lord of The Rings" told from the perspective of Mordor. Imagine the chief of the Nazguls who stands against his black, immortal lord. Imagine villains who are more slaves than servants of evil and who finally dare to break their invisible yet strong chains of mental subordination...

OK, you don't have to imagine it all totally by yourself, as a book kind of like that exists - "The Valley of Decision" by Shannon McDermott. First of all, it's a tale of freedom, which begins in one's head, not necessarily depending on one’s physical condition. So it’s mostly a matter of choice whose side you represent and the place of your birth doesn't have to determine your whole life.

Secondly, it's a story of friendship: a deep male relationship between Keiran the Captain and Cael, his first hand. When they’re together, one seems to be more strict, severe, rationalistic and cold-hearted, while the other is more guided by emotions, empathy, even altruism. There’s one moment in which they both think the other is dead, and suddenly they exchange their patterns of behaviour due to what is known in psychology as polarization.

Interestingly, despite the author being female, the book doesn't describe any specific feminine characters. There are sisters, wives and girlfriends worth fighting for, but only one of them takes a more active role in this act of rebellion and only for a very short time. In my opinion, women are more supporters than partners in this story.

But that is the one and only weakness in the book, and apart from that the plot is extraordinarily created with the intrigue of the climax so masterfully built, it's totally worth following. The last but not least important issue is the message I got from "The Valley of Decision": there's no such thing in life as one single decision - whatever you decide, one choice takes you to another one... and so on, and on, and on...

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