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My First Time With… "Second Star"

My First Time With… "Second Star"

I worship books that come in series, especially if they are mixtures of fantasy, sci-fi and other genres. I love tracking the trails of imagination which combine motifs from fairy tales, myths and legends – dressing them in new, modern outfits. I believe that literary descriptions of alternative universes may tell us the deepest truth about our world.

Yes, and I found it all in Josh Hayes’s novella Breaking Through, which is the first of five volumes in the planned series Second Star. According to Choose the Perfect One, “Book lovers never go to bed alone". Well, to me, this act of reading – my personal breaking through – was fully rewarding indeed!

The Foreplay

Why did I choose Second Star out of 25 sci-fi books offered by OpenBooks? Because of the Peter Pan appealing to me from the author’s profile. Somehow this character has attracted my inner child or even my inner boy* for as long as I can remember. As a kid I used to play the Disney boy who wouldn’t grow up. As a grown woman I became more Wendy-like, taking care of some lost children, younger or older. As a fantasy freak I watched season 3 of Once Upon a Time considering the price of being eternally young. As a bookworm I read Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card feeling horrified and touched at the same time.

Right here, right now I consciously regain a child’s imagination, creativity, self-belief… and a little bit of fairy dust that helps me fly. My life is honestly “an awfully big adventure!”

* I am female but my male partner used to say that I have truly interiorized my opposite animus:)

The Act

It’s not my intention to spoil your joy of reading, so these are just a few hints of what you may expect while discovering Second Star:
What’s lost? Principles, patriotism, peace, adult common sense… all are fakes in the more or less distant future of our planet.
What’s found? Big boys’ games in the city jungle, extraterrestrials who are not aliens, basic human bonds, which last even in outer space.

And Josh Hayes himself is still on his way, inside the creation process, as he says:

I began the series thinking it would be a two part ‘hero’s journey’, but I think now the underlying theme is exploring the point at which people stand up and fight for what they believe in, right or wrong. With ‘Second Star’, I wanted to explore how people arrived at that place where enough is enough.

The Climax

Now I have to admit that I lied in the introduction! No, I don’t feel fully satisfied by the book as the author left me with sooo many questions to be answered! What is the Neverland of the 21st century going to be like? Is my presumption for the character of Peter Pan correct? Will the incarnation of Tinkerbell be a warrior here? These are the reasons why I’ve just ‘liked’ Josh Hayes’ fanpage, subscribed to his newsletter and can’t wait for The Forgotten Prince – the next part of Second Star! I also guess the Rats may represent Pirates, so who’s gonna walk the plank?!

- Basia, Team

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