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Clark Kent: Having a Writing Alterego

Clark Kent: Having a Writing Alterego

As I learn the landscape of the indie writer scene, something I'm comforted to know is that most of us seem to have incredibly regular day jobs and use writing as a creative outlet. I thought I was the only one. I thought that I was out of place since I didn't go to school for writing or didn't feel a tormented muse struggling to escape through my words. I'm just a guy who likes to tell stories in my off time. 

I like to compartmentalize my work, family and writing and try to not let them bleed into each other. it's a hard balance to strike and if my obligations change, writing is always the first thing I cut back on or full on pause. 

I rarely talk about writing ar work and conversly don't include any of my work in my writing. I find that to be the most freeing and I wonder if others do the same. Are others Clark Kent by day and Superman at night?

Do you share your writing with your workmates?

Do you write about your work?  

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