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Tactile Wins Every Time

Tactile Wins Every Time

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to disseminate my work through eReaders. But there's always something amazing in seeing your book in print form and in the bookstore. They have also made great gifts for the people in my life that keep me inspired to write more. The amount of extra work in even formatting the work for physical release was a total miscalculation on my part. Here's the steps I had to take:

  • Create a spine and back cover
  • Reformat pages down to a proper print format
  • Figure out all the justification rules that I had no idea existed
  • Print a proof of the book
  • Edit formatting throughout the proof copy
  • Troubleshoot every single .docx file glitch known to man
  • Wait in baited breath for your first batch of books
  • Reach out to every indie bookseller in the area to coordinate distribution and sales.

Despite the hassle, I admit the sense of completion in holding that book was worth all of the effort. I dread looking through it though in case I see any justification oversight.

Do other writers that publish online go through the same ordeal for that physical copy?

Do you get the same thrill from it? 


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