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The FirstWorld Saga - The Lost Tower

The FirstWorld Saga - The Lost Tower

The Lost Tower at the Ford of Hope (from Aftermath of Armageddon)

The elusive Lost Tower has a significant role to play in the end game. It is an identical replica of Melasurej except that it is built in a pure white substance. It has a square in Elannort designed for it to stand but it exists somewhere out of normal time and space only appearing in different locations at critical moments. Simon first glimpsed it at the Sundering in Quest for Knowledge. In Aftermath of Armageddon the Lost Tower appeared close to Elvenhome. In 'A View of the Past', Simon will learn much more about the Lost Tower. In 'A Vision of the Future', the Lost Tower will play a crucial role.

“They were about to begin the descent to the ford when something peculiar happened and they all stopped. The air around the ford seemed to shimmer and become hazy. Simon could no longer see the elves on the far bank. They were indistinct shadows as if seen through thick frosted glass. Then a vision appeared before them. Simon thought he was hallucinating, but the others confirmed his observation. The shimmering consolidated itself into something substantial. The Lost Tower hovered in thin air over the centre of the Ford of Hope. It was tall; Simon had to crane his neck to see the top of it. It was pure white; whether it was made of marble or some other stone Simon couldn’t say. It was an exact replica of the High Tower at Melasurej; the setting sun shone through the archway at the top of the Lost Tower and made Simon blink. When he opened his eyes, all he could see was the party of elves waiting for them on the other side.”

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