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FirstWorld Saga - Seven Wonders - The Lighthouse at Rhakotis

FirstWorld Saga - Seven Wonders - The Lighthouse at Rhakotis

The Lighthouse at Rhakotis

We hear about Rhakotis in Quest for Knowledge as Rheanna comes from the Great Library there. In Aftermath of Armageddon we get to visit and see the lighthouse.

“Rhakotis had a double harbour, the Great Harbour being the inner, safe berth. A dike ran from the mainland to a small offshore island, providing a barrier to entry into the Great Harbour. Local sailing conditions were notoriously difficult, even without the harbour barrier to circumnavigate, and a huge, white-stone lighthouse had been built to guide the ships into port. At night, it was lit by fire, and during the day, its huge mirrors reflected sunlight. The lighthouse was the tallest building on FirstWorld, taller even that the tower at Wizard’s Keep, extending over one hundred and twenty metres. It was comprised of three sections. The bottom section, which made up more than half of its height, was square, with a hidden cylindrical core. The middle section was much narrower and octagonal in shape. The small, top section was circular and carried the light and the mirrors. The internal core was used as a shaft to lift the fuel to the top. The dome of the lighthouse did not reduce to a point, but rather a flat plinth upon which stood a huge statue, facing the open sea. It wasn’t clear from here, what the statue was but Manfred knew that it was of Adapa, the Greatest of the Wise. In his outstretched right hand, he raised his great staff to welcome ships home to port and to ward off evil. Manfred wondered whether he, the least of the Wise, could live up to that legend today.”

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