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FirstWorld - Seven Wonders - Melasurej

FirstWorld - Seven Wonders - Melasurej

The Avenue of Heroes at Melasuej

We first read about Melasurej in Quest for Knowledge

The Wizards’ Keep at Elannort was built by the Great Old Ones. It has been the home of the wise for almost 44,000 years. It makes Elannort the most special place in the multiverse. It is the city of the Balance. The Avenue of Heroes provides the approach to the citadel. Here stand the statues of all of the wizards who have past to stone together with incarnations of the Everlasting Hero and his companions. Gadiel must conquer Elannort and Melasurej if he is to rule the multiverse. Manfred is the last remaining wizard in residence and it falls to him to lead the fight to save the multiverse.

“As the street circle narrowed, they also began to climb gently, until the road widened and straightened into a long avenue. At first, the avenue was crowned by huge oak trees, whose branches towered above the road, entwining in an ancient embrace and providing a canopy, pale green with new leaves. The trees gave way to a series of statues and monuments on both sides of the road. There were many statues of men who appeared to be warriors, but many others who appeared to be bent and wizened old men, rather like Manfred. Seven of the wizard statues were much larger than the others and seemed to dominate the rest. There were also many pedestals, standing empty and forlorn as if waiting for warriors and wizards who were yet to be. It was as if a deep fog had lifted as Simon’s gaze was drawn along the avenue, which still climbed, now more steeply, to the building sitting on a mound at the centre of Elannort. He gasped aloud and his mouth fell open in awe, unable to frame the words that he sought. Why didn’t I see it sooner? It’s magnificent.

“It is said that your reaction to your first view of Melasurej, more commonly called The Wizards’ Keep, allows the wise to judge your true spirit. Some men fear it, others want to own or conquer it. Some would worship it, or what it stands for, or what they think it stands for. Some want to destroy it. You have passed another test, Simon Redhead. You shall be welcomed with honour at Wizards’ Keep.” Manfred spoke with a solemnity that surprised Simon.

Before them, in stark contrast to the simple structures of the surrounding town, the enormous building grew into the sky. Its roots were fastened to the bedrock of the central mound but its spires disappeared into the darkening evening sky. The building was jet black but seemed polished and mirror-like, as if fashioned from obsidian. It had many parts, but all seemed to grow out of a central domed section. Simon couldn’t see too much of the ground level detail because a substantial wall of local grey stone surrounded the Keep. Ahead of them towered a huge pair of gates, constructed of polished timber and wrought iron that Simon estimated must be at least twenty metres high.”


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