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How CJA met KtB - CJA's Version

After KtB posted about my birthday on our Facebook page the other day, a few people have asked, "How did you two meet?" and, "What is your relationship?" So, I'm going to post a couple of old blog posts that told both our sides of the story.


Kris the Bard arrived in Melbourne in 2005. He had no memory of where he had come from. He had no belongings, except the clothes on his back, no money, and just one idea in his head - to find CJA. Kris has a number of genetic conditions. One of them he caught from a certain rat's bite outside the gates of Melasurej when he went against form and stood up to Weylyn the Wolf. He bought enough time to save Manfred the Magician's life and allow Simon Rufus to defeat Weylyn. Another, he was born with. He never knew why he had no hair at all on his body until he came to Melbourne and was diagnosed. He has a genetic defect which causes his immune system to attack his hair follicles.

You can imagine how surprised I was when this strange, bald man knocked on my door and expected to be welcomed like a long lost friend. The Guardian of Tomorrow had told him he was to be a writer and must have implanted my name and address before sending him through the portal.

He was not supposed to remember anything about his life on FirstWorld. Something went wrong and, over a very short period of time, it all came back to him. He recreated the first three Chronicles of the Hero, which he had written previously in Elannort and Rhakotis. Then, in 2008, he wrote the final volume, Volume 4 of the Chronicle of the Hero.

I was enthralled by his writings and saw the potential to turn them into fantasy novels (no one would believe they were true). I have been working ever since and the FirstWorld Saga is the result.

I had been recently divorced and was living alone when Kris turned up. He still lives with me and I have never remarried. Many people have asked about our relationship. Is he more than a friend, they ask? Yes, he's my muse.

Nat Turner's original working drawing of Kris the Bard is shown below. Kris liked this and has been using it as his avatar ever since because it appears to show eyebrows and some hair. Below that are scenes from Aftermath of Armageddon and Quest for Knowledge - two of Kris's finest hours. Kris is one of very few people to have successfully held Kin Slayer.


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