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The Queen's Tree at Elvenhome

The Queen's Tree at Elvenhome

The  Queen's Tree at Elvenhome

The Queen's Tree at Elvenhome is described in Aftermath of Armageddon. Nat Turner captured it perfectly with his wonderful artwork. When you see the amazing detail in high definition, you will be amazed at Nat's attention to detail. I use it as the desktop picture on my laptop. I hope you will enjoy using it too. The download is a large file but worth it to see the picture in high definition.

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Taran led them to the base of the large oak tree. Is this the One Tree? There were many rope ladders dangling from the tree. “I hope you are not expecting us to climb those ladders,” Jhamed exclaimed. Simon felt a flutter of amusement. He wasn’t sure whether Jhamed’s shout had caused it or whether his thought had. You will see me soon, Simon. I am the great father of all the trees. The one you see now is barely a juvenile. It was a new voice, reassuring him of the safety and healing powers of Elvenhome.

“Look out below!” A shout came from above, followed by a wooden platform lowered gently on vine ropes. They stepped aside to make way. They have a lift. “Please get on and we’ll haul you up,” the voice from above shouted again.

Simon gingerly stepped onto the frail looking platform. He wondered if it would be strong enough for all seven of them. It was a tight squeeze but they all managed to get on. Simon was pressed close to Manfred as they rose, jerkily and slowly towards the treetops. You have spoken to the trees; they feel your connection to the elves. You are safe here but keep your wits about you. While Ceridwen works for good, she has the power to bewitch and she puts the fate of the elves above all else. Be careful what you agree to.

They rose through several levels and Simon caught glimpses of food preparation areas, storage sections, sleeping quarters, and meeting places. They stopped at the penultimate level and stepped off the lift onto the Queen’s public level. They were close to the trunk, which even at this height was still twice the thickness of Jhamed’s waist. Elves bustled around them, often taking the ladders without missing a step even if they were carrying large loads. Off to all sides were rooms, accessed through drapes that looked like woven vines. Living curtains; wow! Through one of them, Simon glimpsed a banqueting hall, teeming with elves, waiting for their presence. Taran led them in the opposite direction, however. They entered an area where beds had been prepared for them.

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