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When Emotions are no Longer Private – A Look at “The Color of Emotion”

When Emotions are no Longer Private – A Look at “The Color of Emotion”

Imagine a world where you could easily know exactly what a person is feeling and then influence them with just a thought, to feel differently. Have you ever thought about how many emotions we feel in a single day? Happiness, sadness, irritation, trepidation, pleasure, anguish, eagerness, and the list goes on. Imagine if you could influence someone to like you or have confidence in you. Imagine if you immediately knew that behind a smiling face was a reservoir of mistrust toward you. How would you deal with such a power? Now, imagine that everyone in the world could do the same thing.

The first book in the Tokorel series, The Color of Emotion explores the lives of two people. Linsora Anselm comes from the planet Khizara. Her people are emotionally charged and hold nothing back. Their descendants attained the ability to sense and influence emotions and were subsequently drive off Khizara being considered demons. They settled on the planet, Tokorel, and learned to control their abilities.

After 200 years, histories are distorted and prejudices increase to a point where the Khizaran people detest the Tokorellans. Other than their abilities, however, Khizarans and Tokorellans are indistinguishable from each other. So, imagine two of them meeting on a routine exploration. You might think that all would be fine, however, there’s one thing that the Tokorellans didn’t foresee.

Permac Sudé is a tall and good-looking Tokorellan. A mild mannered engineer, he left Tokorel to explore space and see what lies beyond the atmosphere of his own world.

Linsora Anselm is a feisty Khizaran archaeologist whose best friends are the large array of knives she keeps hidden in the folds of her outfits.

Permac can control emotions, but what he finds out is that Linsora can tell when he tries; an ability that no one else, to this point, has had.

But fate brings them together and shows them that their respective histories and beliefs about each other’s civilization has been distorted. With this realization, they embark on a journey of mystery, adventure and danger. They encounter people who would try to stop them along with power hungry individuals who would have the secrets for themselves.

For fifteen years, Deb and I worked to create this universe and the people in it. The first book is just the beginning. The second book takes you farther. The third book is in the works and should be completed by the year’s end.

I hope that you’ll take this opportunity to read The Color of Emotion here on and let us know what you think, although you, as has happened with many others, might be influenced to love the content to a point where you’ll find yourself addicted to the story and the characters. If this happens, please remember that I warned you :).

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