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Don't Ask What Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for

Don't Ask What Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for

Just kidding, it’s just a short piece of text from one of the users.
To be honest it is just me being kinda butthurt over writers’ attitudes that I saw on the forum.

I saw this site on a Polish content-aggregator site. It was linking to the grand opening of Beta at the London Book Fair. So. A site that lets my poor (still even though PhD) student ass read a book first and pay if I really liked it? Awesome #1. A site that lets my poor (still even though PhD) student ass read a book first and pay if I really liked it AND is a heir of[1]? Awesome #2. So I went there and since I strongly lean towards forum trolling, the first thing I did after downloading my first book to my Kindle was join the forum. And pretty much the first thing I saw there was… complaints. One of the authors seemed unhappy about the money he made off his books. You know, I am a Pole and we are kind of famous for our complainability but it saddened me a bit. Then I read almost same – but elaborated – complaint and I went fully mental.

Look, dear writers, let me ask you a question. If I gave you a budget of zero dollars and asked you to get me as much Internet Porn as you could for that amount of money, how much porn could you get for me? Yup, you know the answer. All the porn. We cannot make machines that make matter from non-matter but everyone has a machine that makes 01s and bytes of data into files on your PC (or MAC, or whatever). And pretty much everything that can be downloaded for free from The Interwebz, will be. Yes, you can now call me an immoral bag of scum who supports the stealing of intellectual property. But your books can and will get downloaded for free too. And when I read book writers’ complaints about how unfair the pay-what-you-want model is, I get the weird feeling that you live in a bubble of your own creation. I know writing is hard. And I know that filling these blank pages is extremely painful. But you know what else is hard and painful? Getting all those people you don’t know to recognize your name and appreciate all those awesome things you fill the pages with. And what is the hardest thing to do? Convince them to pay for it.

Now let’s discuss You have a place where you can register as a writer and put your opuses for sale and you don’t have to pay for it, you just give a cut from the sold pieces to the owners. No big companies to leech on your neck, no commitments. Except for the commitment to make the best of your work. How cool is that - to be independent AND make money off it? But wait, there’s more! You get a forum and a place to get reviews. You can (yes, you can!) go there and make it your own piece of the site, full of people discussing your work of art. All you have to do is put in a little effort to convince them that your work is actually worthwhile. And you… just whine. Here at you can make your own forum thread called, “Hey, what do you think about my book X?” and if people think it’s awesome – they’ll write it there. If they think it’s bad – it’s even better for you. Maybe not for your ego but surely for improving your writing. (But as I wrote in one of my reviews – is not a big place yet and everything there feels like a family. And writing painful reviews for work from family members pains the writer too. So it’s kind of – come earlier, get liked, get more.) Also, payment links are kinda watermarked into the books you put on How hard can it be to go to your favourite social page and put a permalink to your book, simply adding, “Hey, this is my work of art and I’m so proud of it. Download it, read and then pay what you think it’s worth on! Also, it would be nice if you wrote me a review there so I can learn what to improve!”? Look guys, you know we (readers) love you. You know we love reading. I know you feel upset about how the book industry works. I know you might see the Internet as a huge monster stealing your property. But, let my buddy Bob Dylan sing for you. With we have a great opportunity to adapt to new times. I know writers can do it, hell, you’re the creators of new worlds here. I’m sure that the little change in your mindset can do a lot for readers and writers all over the world.


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