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Ethical Cosmetics? It's possible!

Ethical Cosmetics? It's possible!

Photo: Marta Mytych Photography, Make-up & Model: Kasia Konopa - PINK MINK Studio, Hair: Dorota Kasiorkiewicz - D.K. Hairstyle, Styling: Karolina Wieczorek - SzafaGra

We’re getting “there” as far as talking openly about how we obtain our food and the cruelty involved in the process is concerned, but the “back stage” of the cosmetic industry still remains behind closed doors and isn’t frequently discussed.

The horror of animal testing takes place in fenced off laboratories and the awareness of many people has been put to sleep by the recent changes in animal testing laws in many countries, including the EU. Many of us are technically using only cosmetics that have not been tested on living, breathing and suffering creatures. The reality, however, is unfortunately not as clear as this.

For many cosmetic brands raising animal testing issues happens only on paper and involves reading and signing documents.

The actual testing happens far, far away from their shiny offices, in the many countries which still allow or require animal testing. This means that for large multi-national brands, many products are still tested on animals.


Even if the item you’re holding in your hands hasn’t been tested, the same product in another country surely has.

Photo: Marta Mytych Photography, Make-up using ZAO Organic Make-up.PL ,nails NCLA Poland & styling: Kasia Konopa - PINK MINK Studio, Hair: Monika Banaszkiewicz - Imagine Yourself, Models: Maja Nowak & Paulina Rewska, Outfits: THE ODDER SIDE

I encourage you to look out for only cruelty-free products. The choice is vast (check the video) at the moment and independent blogs are an excellent source of information about companies which don’t test their products on animals in any country in the world, which make conscious decisions to avoid markets where testing is compulsory, and which thoroughly check their suppliers to make sure that the ingredients haven’t been tested. This kind of action affects not only the brand’s ethical status, but also their finances, as it gives them less of a chance for profitable sales. Supporting these brands shows them that we agree with their ideas, allows them to increase sales without compromising on ethical beliefs and sends a message to other brands about educated consumers choosing cruelty-free products over others.

If you want to go a step further and exclude animal ingredients from your beauty regime, this is also easy to do. Meat and clothing production waste is cheaper and easier to obtain than quality plant ingredients, so animal-derived substances can often be found in skincare and make-up. However, botanical extracts are more beneficial, kinder to skin and, of course, cruelty-free, and can be found in many beauty products.

As a make-up artist, I’ve made a conscious decision to only use cruelty-free and vegan products in my work.

I’m able to achieve any look and find many products that meet my requirements and my client’s needs.

Photo: Aneta Czapla – Czapla z Obiektywem, Make-up using ZAO cosmetics and styling: Kasia Konopa – PINK MINK Studio, Hair: Dorota Kasiorkiewicz – D.K. Hairstyle, Flowers, arrangements and decorations: Izabela Konatkowska – Kwiaciarnia LES FLEURS, Dresses: Karolina Twardowska Atelier, Dream catchers: Pracownia WOOHOO, Tattoos: Tattoo Bijoux, Photo shoot assistant: Monika Kruk, Models: Weronika Górecka, Sylwia Toczyńska


I have a full range of cosmetics from all price levels. At first I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to work to my desired professional level due to the limited availability of products. To my great surprise I was able to find more ethical products than I would ever need and for 2.5 years now I’ve been successfully showing people that it can be done!

The cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle is easier and more accessible than many of us think. In the video, I share popular resources which are very helpful for finding the right products to replace the old, used or expired cosmetics from brands that still test on animals. Take it slowly, but every step counts in bringing us to a beauty world without cruelty.

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