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Books Are Like Socks

Books Are Like Socks

by Andrey Kuzmin

Socks are probably at the top of Christmas present lists because regardless of your sex or age, socks are always useful. Unfortunately though, they don’t always make you happy. The trouble with being the renowned bookworm in your family is that the role of socks as quick picks, along with all the advantages and disadvantages, has been taken over by books. You never know what book gifts from your relatives are waiting for you under the Christmas tree - depending on the giver’s level of knowledge about your reading taste, you may be crestfallen or over the moon. Like socks, book gifts falls into types:


Some of the books you may get resemble expensive socks bought by your posh aunt who subtly expects you to wear them on every family gathering, particularly while wearing shorts in order to ensure that the brand is visible. As for a book, she decides to please you with a newly printed limited edition of a well-known classic in a hard cover with leather adornments and golden ridges. It looks magnificent, and the book catches the attention of all your guests as it’s half the size of your fridge. Unfortunately, it’s totally useless and is just gathering dust on your bookshelf because you already had an e-book version. Still, it may come in handy if you ever have to deal with burglars.

by Kevron 2001


You might also receive a book that’s like a pair of thick and itchy socks in the ugliest colour that you can ever imagine. It’s usually the older part of the family’s specialty: to give you the series of boring pulp fiction such as the romantic saga that was on sale in the local supermarket. You wouldn’t be able to sell it for even a penny later, and you wouldn’t even give it to your worst enemy. Just swallow hard, smile bravely and decide to start talking more with your family about what the term ‘good book’ means to you. Maybe they’ll finally know your taste.

by aquatarkus


Receiving books differs from receiving socks in such a way that you wouldn’t be upset if you found only books under your Christmas tree as you definitely would be if there were just socks, even in every colour of the rainbow. However, getting the same book over and over because it’s at the top of the bestsellers’ list really is like finding your Christmas stocking full of socks. It’s high time for you, as the major bookworm in your family, to explain to your relatives that the list of good books isn’t limited to the bestsellers’ top ten at the superstore.

by andeva


Fortunately, some book gifts are like an unexpectedly pleasant pair of fancy socks – you wouldn’t have thought that they suited anything you wear, but surprisingly, they do, and now you’re going to buy another pair.  

by theartofphoto


You may also receive books that are similar to a pair of soft and colourful five toe socks. It might be a new release of the ongoing series that you started reading as a child and now as a serious grown-up you are too ashamed to buy for yourself or even mention to your friends. They are the books only your mum or dad could give you, with their warm smile reminding you that at home, wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of hot ginger tea, you may secretly read anything you like.

by tinyal

Just perfect

Finally, the last type of books are the ones that you’ll get from a person who would never give you socks as a present. He or she always gives you the book that you would just love to read and knows your bookshelf and e-book reader inside out.

by in4mal


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