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5 Fictional Characters To Spend Christmas With

5 Fictional Characters To Spend Christmas With



If it were possible to invite a bunch of your favourite fictional characters to a Christmas party, who would you choose? I don’t know how my choice would work out. Maybe it would end in a total disaster, like with a burnt Christmas tree or complete mayhem, but still, it would be fun to try.

Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again”

I feel like a hobbit at heart so inviting a real, fully-fledged hobbit to my Christmas party would be necessary. He would help me to entertain other guests as hobbits are the perfect source of riddles, songs and plays. After a considerable amount of alcohol, he would definitely share with us any story from the fictional world that he knew as well as teach everyone how to properly dance and sing on the table at the same time or blow elaborate smoke-rings with a pipe. I’d just have to hope that Gollum wouldn’t slip into the house with him.

Anne Shirley from “Anne of Green Gables”

For sentimental reasons, one of my childhood literary heroines has to sit beside me at the Christmas table. For sure, I wouldn’t have to worry about her well-being. She’s always so full of energy that she probably would have fun and maintain her positive attitude in any circumstance, bringing joy and good vibrations to the party. I’d only worry that she’d bring her famous layer cake with anodyne liniment with her and talk our ears off.


Severus Snape from “Harry Potter”

I expect that maybe he’d just sit, gloomy and grim, in the darkest corner of the room, but there’s also a small chance that he’d enjoy himself and even wear a plush Santa Claus hat made by a house elf. Snape is a kind of Byronic tragic hero, like Heathcliff and Mr Rochester, so I guess that all of his fangirls would like to see him happy for a moment. For this reason, I’d take the risk of potentially spoiling the party by inviting him. At the very least, we could make Snape the barman as elixirs and potions are his specialty.

Geralt the Witcher

Although my invited guests are mostly male literary characters, even if my Christmas party consisted only of women, Geralt would definitely balance out the amount of estrogen with his testosterone. He could do nothing but just sit and look manly. Occasionally he might kill some rats with his fork.


Don’t be scared! I only mean the most positive anthropomorphic personification in the history of literature: the character created by Terry Pratchett. As I’d need someone to distribute Christmas presents dressed as Santa Claus during my party, Death is the perfect choice.  Anyone who’s read the “Death Series” books knows that he’s already made his debut in that role. I’d only hope that he wouldn’t scare my guests by speaking in capitals letters or argue with Geralt about whether cats are likable.

Which fictional character or characters would you invite to your Christmas party? Share with us in the comments below.  

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