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Good exists. And evil, too. Fantasy novel “A Maid in Bedlam” by Katherine Lampe

Good exists. And evil, too. Fantasy novel “A Maid in Bedlam” by Katherine Lampe

By okalinichenko

When I was a very little child, I refused to read fairy tales, saying, "They are untrue". I'm so happy I grew out of this mistake and discovered fantasy and SciFi as teenager. Now I think imaginary worlds or visions of reality are even better scenery for showing readers the truth about us as humans. Characters, even aliens, wizards or elves, are still "humanoid" - both in shape and in mind, with only the colour of skin or size of eyes changed, with some features of personalities hyperbolized and others minimized or missing.

"A Maid in Bedlam" is a brilliant example of how true fantasy can be. There's great authenticity in the psychological portrayal of the main character - a woman whose life suddenly crumbled to pieces. She loses a child through miscarriage, copes with the reactions of her friends, and suffers when her husband emotionally detaches from her and then all of a sudden leaves home for some mysterious business... The pain and loneliness she experiences, and all the emotions that go along with her story, are described in a moving and skillful way.

Fantasy gives us also an opportunity to "believe" in pure values and strong attitudes, which, as we are taught through socialization, are "impossible" in "real" life. Love, friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, heroism - if they appear in a "real life" story, they seem to be idealized and artificial. It's so sad that our scientific culture make us lose faith in fellow humans in this way. Despite so many examples from history and our surrounding reality, we tend to believe in the forces of good and evil inside and around us only in the context of "fairytales". Katherine Lampe's book, like all good fantasy, shows the fight between dark and light forces as well. Fantasy lovers will be delighted with the vivid descriptions and thrilling action. It’s the third part of the Caitlin Ross series, so there are more stories to enjoy. Don't forget to give the author your feedback by rating, commenting and paying the amount of your choosing for the book, if you enjoyed it. It’s so important.

Here’s Katherine Lampe, the author, speaking about her book and


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