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Being an indie author is a bit like being a mother. Mom is not just mum but also a nurse, cook, supply manager, logistician, driver, private teacher and a dozen other things. It’s the same for us writers who decide to keep control of our works by not surrendering them to the publishing industry. By doing that, we become editors, cover art designers, marketing & PR specialists, social media admins, and so on. It has its price, but it's worth the freedom that comes with it. "With great responsibility comes great power" ;-)

Our goal is to give authors as much support as possible. The whole publishing process is described now in our new Guide for Authors.

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The guide:

- clearly explains the idea behind and how it works

- shows the registration and book submission procedure

- goes through terms and conditions (really simple anyway)

- answers frequently asked questions

- gives a handful of simple promotion tips - things we often forget about and which are so easy to do.

Having your book chosen as Editor's Pick or becoming Author of the Month comes with huge support from our team - as described in detail in this guide. gives you so many opportunities for free, but it doesn't claim your freedom. You keep all the rights to your content and 70% of net revenue goes directly to you. Plus you can finally use viral distribution to earn support and money, since each of our eBooks come with payment links embedded into them, so anyone can pay for the book before, during or after reading.

The team loves books, so we want to help you bring your beloved babies - books you have written - to the world, to the hands of avid readers. Conceiving your babies is the task you are best at, but we willingly help you with all the stuff that goes with it as much as we can. Check it out, tell us what you think, and join our publishing (r)evolution!

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