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Amazing debut of talented SciFi writer!

Amazing debut of talented SciFi writer!

I don’t know what kind of past trauma it indicates, but I’ve always loved strong female characters defeating the evil men who dare to cross them, like Sarah Connor, Trinity, and Princess Leia. C.S. Stinton's novel is full of strong women (not only the two main characters - powerful, smart, brave and efficient Confederate Marshals) but this is not the only nor the main reason I like this book so much. It’s a rare gift to be capable of developing characters of such a depth, showing the very realistic psychological games behind their relationships, creating a reliable background of human society threatened more by human-to-human crime than by a war with an alien race, and describing thrilling and adventurous action. Commander Ramirez and Lieutenant Tycho are sage warriors who, when necessary, use a gun, wit, hacking skills, charm, threats and diplomacy, are equally good at handling drug smugglers, dumb police commanders and corrupt politicians, but remain very humane with no trace of the artificiality of comic superheroes. And this is only the beginning of the main battle…

This is the high art of good SF and Fantasy books: despite creating non-existent worlds, costumes and makeup as a background, they tell the truth about us humans, as individuals and as societies. The imaginary worlds make it even more impressive - they lack obvious associations and do not trigger prejudices, making us think deeper and out of the box.

I was shocked to find out, after reading, that "Ragnarok" is C.S. Stinton's debut novel. Even her experience in writing fan fiction doesn’t explain the literary maturity of this novel, written with astonishing style, a perfectly constructed plot, and a skillfully created atmosphere. I was also very happy to find out that the book is the beginning of a series, continued with the 2nd volume, "Hope in Hel".

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