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10 Books That Will Make You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

10 Books That Will Make You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Have you ever promised yourself that you would do something and then had a problem doing it? You’re not alone. The books below will not only give you support and advice but also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are available in open download so you can pay for them after reading, when you see the effects in your life :-)

1. I will break free from this corporation

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, stuck in a job you no longer like, this multi-award-winning bestseller will help you to reinvent yourself, rekindle your passion for life, and enable you to live with purpose, meaning and prosperity. Maite Baron is the co-founder of the ‘Business with Heart & Soul' Foundation.

2. I’ll start learning tomorrow

... but tomorrow I say the same... Want to break this loop? Patricia Orlunwo Ikiriko shares simple secret methods successful students are using to get good grades right now - without even stressing themselves out.

3. I want to have more time for my loved ones / myself

"Just as we can’t control Mother Nature, we can’t control Father Time. But we can deal with time better." If you lack time (who doesn't? :-), Mike Vardy will show you some simple ways to manage your "todos" more efficiently, so you’ll be able to deal with your tasks quicker and with less effort.

4. I want to break free from this marriage...

... but you’re terrified about dealing with the finances? In a practical and down to earth way, Hannah Foxley tells you how to avoid making expensive financial mistakes and how to manage your money in your new life.

5. ...I broke free but I cannot find peace...

Still struggling over an old relationship? Marina Pearson will help you free yourself from your past in a quick and painless fashion, so you can move on without looking back. Why struggle and go through it alone when you don't have to?

6. I will start/improve my own dream business

Do you want to have fun loving what you do, work with people you love, and make money? Sue Vizard shows you how, sharing her experience of establishing her own business after many years of working in the corporate world.

7. I will finish my book... or at least, I will start writing it...

Writers say that the biggest distance in the world is the one between their head and the piece of paper lying on the desk in front of their eyes. Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Bert Verdonck, two authors who have helped hundreds of people create their books, will not only help you to write your book in much less time than average first-time authors take, but also to have more fun doing it! Furthermore, you’ll discover the answers to the big questions like 'What is your dream, for your life as well as your book?'

8. I will make a difference and do something good for the world

You don’t have to follow Jesus’s advice: "Sell everything you have and give to the poor". Business can also be a force of good. Richard Morris found a way to connect companies, customers and communities to make a positive difference for all.

9. But I can't handle it

Have you ever wanted to achieve something but felt it was too big a challenge? Or you just didn't know where to start?  Learn how to plan for the worst and achieve the best with Jo Parker, who proved herself to be capable of completing projects that others thought were "missions impossible".

10. I will change...

The Chinese proverb says that even a journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step. If you want something in your life to change, you first have to change your way of thinking. Jean Pierre Villiers  believes that people will change their lives by reshaping their bodies and mindsets.

"The only thing stopping you is YOU. So what are you waiting for? What’s left to think about or decide? The difference between people that do and don't get results, be it at home, at work or with their body is one simple factor. Taking action"

We want to thank our beloved Panoma Press for making all these great eBooks available at! You're support for passionate and personal writing is amazing!

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