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Katie survived, but there are many who don’t. A shocking and painful true story

Katie survived, but there are many who don’t. A shocking and painful true story

It’s hard to believe that in the 21st century, in civilized Europe, inside a middle-class family, such things can happen. For a vulnerable teenage mind it doesn't take much to become broken and get scars that won’t heal. Katie was subjected to constant violence from her stepfather; he used to push her head into the toilet "to help her to wash off too much hairspray" or only allowed her to eat bread with the cheapest cheese while he deliberately stuffed his mouth with delicious food in front of her. Through being treated like that, Katie learned that her needs, her will and her dignity meant nothing. She was taught that everyone can use her and then abandon her. Raped repeatedly, beaten, kicked out of home, she tumbled into the world, where it was easier to get drugs than something to eat. Being on drugs all the time, living from one party to another, surrounded by selfish, abusive, irresponsible, immature people, Katie couldn't imagine that there could be any other life for her. She was exploited again and again while trying to fulfill her basic needs, like not being hungry, being warm, having somewhere to sleep. Some years of this kind of existence destroyed her body and mind. "I feel that no one cares anyway so why should I? I am just waiting for death."

In her early twenties, too weak to cross the street on her own, Katie finally decided to fight back, but being so wrecked, she needed years to slowly climb to reach the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The most important human yearning is to be loved and it was a huge effort for her to find someone to love her... she constantly fell into traps of being exploited and neglected by the person she wanted love from....

Katie survived to tell us her story, but being aware of it doesn't make reading this autobiography easier. With the help of some good people, she made it out of the hell she had lived in, but how many kids like her don’t? How many of them are lost? Just because their parents weren’t mature enough to be parents? How is it possible that the most important task in human life - parenthood - is so often screwed up? Society will finally react if parents beat or rape, but does nothing to stop humiliation or other emotional abuse; and when such a kid is big enough to go out of the family house, they’re usually already too broken. The society that first accepted that they were abused now rejects them. "I know I am hard to live with because I am fucked up but I feel like people would prefer that I just remain well hidden. It seems like society leaves children alone to fend for themselves at young ages and when they fuck up they just want to shove the product of this under the rug and don't want to deal with it. I am a human and I have made wrong decisions; God help me, I did not know."

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