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Being a “Good Manager”..

We have all read in management books that a manager has the following qualities:
Then if these are the basic qualities that a manager should have then what does it take to be good manager.
Let’s probe deeper into what a manager role is. He manages people and processes in a nutshell. To manage a process is easier than managing people as dealing with people becomes highly non - mechanistic in nature as we deal with human behavior and psychology which is highly unpredictable at times and cannot be correctly estimated.
I have heard people saying that a person who can get work done from others is a better manager. In the same lines, I remember having read a book titled “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene where he states in law number 7, “Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit”. How far this holds true in the current scenario? Is this what a manager is intended to do? No. He, being at a responsible position should make it a point to always be an example before his team mates in terms of carrying out his responsibilities, be it managing people or processes.
A Good Manager should:
  • Effectively manage processes and be effective in handling multiple tasks.
  • Delegate work appropriately to the team members.
  • Listen to the subordinates, take suggestions, and take cumulative actions and decisions wherever appropriate and necessary.
  • Give autonomy, responsibility, and authority to subordinates
  • Acknowledge the members and thank them for their efforts be it big or small.
  • Let them know where they lag behind and make necessary actions to develop them professionally
  • Take their long term goal into consideration and develop them.
  • Be accurate on facts and figures
  • Never boast and be down to earth
  • Understand the company well in terms of overall functioning, strategy, long term vision and how his role fits in to the big picture
  • Work efficiently to contribute to the overall goal of company
      Hence let's take a step forward to being a good manager.

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