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To the Finish..

Remember a number of tasks that we have planned and left unfinished. Leaving it unfinished does not only hampers the task but also hampers our own selves. It slowly becomes your habit that you don’t even know about. This permeates into whatever you do in life be it in whichever hemisphere that you talk about – personal or professional.

There are a number of times we say there should be more than twenty four hours in a day though we very well know that it will never be.  

So given the twenty fours time frame we need to align our tasks and get it finished.

Some easy methods that we can take are:

  1. List down all the tasks that you intend to do.
  2. Prioritize it on the basis of urgency and align it with a timeline
  3. Set a definite number of hours you will want to work for the day and then allot time slots from it to the tasks already laid out.
  4. Dedicate all your efforts to get the work done. The day will demand that you get up early or work till late night, so do so, as it is not a normal day but the chosen date when you wish to finish your tasks.
  5. Refuel yourself quickly with food or snack and get to work. Do not relax more than you usually need to recharge your physiological system
  6. Do not disrupt your momentum – take small breaks but do not take breaks which are so long as to weaken your enthusiasm and the resolve to complete the work
  7. Do not quit until your task is completed

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