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Develop Your Presentation Skills

Preparing and delivering a presentation is a skill and can be developed by following some very easy steps. Time: Take adequate time from your schedule to prepare for the presentation and focus on your delivery as well. The number of days or hours that you need for preparation depends entirely on many factors – how vast is the subject, the time limit of the session, the kind of audience etc. Research: Research about your audience and the topic both. Start from thinking what will be of interest to your audience. Proper research and data leads to an effective presentation. The Tools: If you think it apt then go for making a visual presentation on either Microsoft Powerpoint or tools like Prezi. Do not burden it with adding loads of text but add only the bulleted points and some relevant images. If you wish to know how to create an effective presentation, click here. Practice: Practice the entire presentation several times and prepare brief notes out of them. Make sure that you do not keep reading form the paper hence have the sticky notes and lay down bullet point or just the key points. Be ready to answer some questions that pop out. Delivery: Here are some tips to enhance your style of delivering the presentation. Check your loudness and clarity, wear professional clothes on the day of the presentation (Click here to know more how to dress for a presentation), connect with the audience and make it an interactive session, give something which is useful to the audience, use appropriate body language (Click here to know details about the appropriate body language for a presentation)

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