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Winning Is Satisfactory Completion Of One's Priorities

To win, holds different meanings to different people. It can be as small as getting your first job, to as big as establishing your own company. Actually what is small and what is not, is again a very comparative and relative term and may mean differently to individuals. How do we win is the next big question? Everybody is keen on winning but what steps should one take so that he is a winner in his life. Life consists of priorities that one has set and laid out for himself. Firstly knowing the priorities is the biggest task of ones life. It sometimes happens that one leads his entire without even knowing what his actual priorities are. These priorities are the true ingredients which will make his life more beautiful, meaningful, and worth living. Below are outlined the step by step procedure to know how to win in life: Setting Priorities: Every individual has a set of priorities in life and his entire life centers around it. He plans and completes objectives around those priorities. Deciding your priorities is the first step or the first stepping stone in achieving success. The basic priorities can be any one or more of the following, Name, Fame or Popularity, Money, Power, Family and/or Love. Ranking the Priorities: Once you have decided your priorities, you then rank it in order of their importance in your life. For some people the first priority may be money and the second may be popularity, where as for the other set of people it may be the reverse. Setting Goals and Objectives: Post the ranking of priorities, is the planning phase which takes a considerable amount of time in figuring out the goals and objectives that falls under each of the priorities. Priorities are broken down into objectives and goals because it cannot be achieved at once, and needs to be broken down into achievable chunks. The plan depicts ways and guides a person in achieving the set goals and objectives. Implementation: This is again the most important task, as without effective implementation a sound plan can fail. If the laid out plans are not well implemented on time, then all the time spent so far in analysis and planning tends to get wasted. Hence implementation should be done properly, efficiently, and on the right and specified time. If the above steps are followed correctly, one thing is for sure that you will actually get to know what is the meaning of your life. If you are very determined and can implement the plans that you have decided, it can do wonders for you. It can give you the contentment that people talk about after achieving some task which is important to them. We all know that this feeling of contentment which comes from fulfilling your dreams and your priorities, is the feeling which winners feel. Hence, winning is nothing but the feeling that you get when you satisfactorily complete your priorities. Article Source: Click Here

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