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Full Time Employee with NO LEAVES

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. - Abraham Lincoln        Ever imagined your life working without any breaks, well it is indeed dreadful and monotonous. You definitely need a break out of your daily schedule. Imagine yourself begging your boss for a leave after a long period of tedious work for months, and he says 'no', you would seriously hate him for that. Now just take into consideration your mother's life. She is the one who does not demand, is always at work 24 by 7, all round the year. She is the one who does not complain, when all the family members do. She is the one who sacrifices everything and still smiles. She is the one who prays for you and never for herself. Her happiness lies not in accumulating worldly pleasures for herself but in seeing you happy. She lives not her ambition but yours. What does she mostly worries about, not about her but about YOU, she worries about your food, your health, your clothes, your education, your future, and your life. We need to consider this and need to make sure that we perform our duty towards her by listening to her, obeying her, helping her, smiling at her, always being thankful to her for whatever she does for us, spending time with her, buying her gifts, being good to her family and friends, studying hard and leading a life which makes her happy, and finally always praying for her. It is rightly said by Allah and his prophets (pbuh), “ Paradise lies under the feet of mothers.” She is the one who will love you no matter what you do.. Respect  her and care for her.. [Dedicated to all mothers, I love you 'Ammi']

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