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15 No-to-Low Cost Marketing Techniques for Startups

1. Website: Your website speaks a lot about your business. It is a store house of information which you must use for displaying your capabilities and your service portfolio. However, you must make your website simple, easy to navigate, and useful. To know more on how to develop an engaging website, please click here. 2. Business Cards: Business cards speaks a lot more than you name, address, designation, and telephone number. Use it to tell your customers in brief what can you do for them. 3. Email Signature: Though we usually neglect email signatures, however if we embed one line in it which describes in brief how the firms helps other companies/consumers, it does make a great impact and may result in a great inbound lead. 4. Social Media: We all know the power of social media. It is a fantastic platform to showcase what your firm is and can build a great brand image with the online activities that you do. Apart from building your fan base and twitter follower, one must also focus on adapting to new social media avenues and try to be consistent in it. Social media bookmarking sites also works wonders. 5. Refreshing Content: Refreshing content is what is needed in to attract and engage the audience. One should not push the content what he thinks is right but should take a step back and think what the reader would want to read and hence build a content strategy around it. 6. Guest Blogging: This is another way of engaging the interest of the prospects and build authenticity. It also serves a path for more inbound traffic. 7. Online Barter Deals: Search for similar websites or for the websites which will love your content and make barter deals with them to push your content and provide them with a space for online banner at your website or vice versa. 8. Word of Mouth: Word of mouth still plays a major role. The employees and all the stakeholders should feel pride in representing your company and should speak positive about the brand. 9. Cold Calling: When you know that the service or product that you are offering is useful and will make a difference in the lives of your customer, you should pick up the call and explain it to them about its benefits. 10. Email Campaigns: Emails campaigns still are one of the cheapest way to get a detailed message across to your audience. Click here to know how to write effective email campaigns. 11. Newsletters: Newsletters provide a whole bunch of information about your company and the content (that you publish in blog and elsewhere) at one shot. 12. Videos: Easy, short and self explanatory videos play a major role in prospect to customer conversion. Make sure that you use this method effectively and provide useful videos which are helpful for the viewers and are not that time consuming. 13. Networking: Networking apart from online world also works a great deal as people are more interested in face to face conversations and to understand your concepts if at all it appeals to them. 14. Alliances: Make alliances with those firm who do are in the same industry but do not have the same set of expertise that you have and who do not wish to enter into your domain. Channel partnerships and co-branding are other ways to foray into new geographies and markets with the help of each other's strengths. 15. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is one of the vital activities that one must look to do to make oneself visible on the search engines. Nilofar Nigar Twitter: @nilofarnigar

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