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Developing an Engaging Website

The website is usually the first face of the company and should be taken seriously. People usually start clicking on the web url of the firm when they first hear about it. Here are certain things which the firm must do in order to keep the viewers of the website engaged into the company and ensure that the prospects gets converted into customers. 1. Lively: The website should always contain some amount of information either in the form of banners or texts which should always keep changing from time to time and is a surprise for the audience. 2. Easy Navigation: If a viewer wants to reach at a particular information node, it must not take him more than 3 to a maximum of four clicks to reach to the page. 3. Useful Information: The website must not be dumped with irrelevant and duplicate information but should serve the purpose of describing the entire company, its USP, clients, and the offerings. It should not be too much text heavy. However, care should be taken that the message is effectively conveyed. 4. Reflection of the Brand: The colors, structure and the format of the website should reflect the overall brand. 5. Surprise Element: The website should sometimes bring the element of surprise for the audience for which they come back again and again 6. Connect: It should serve as the central node. The node should be connected to other relevant blog, download center, social networking sites and other relevant links. Nilofar Nigar Twitter: @nilofarnigar

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