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My answer to: How do enterprise startups run marketing in the early days?

1. All starts with a strategy: Frame a marketing plan including extreme clarity on what offerings you have, what is your USP, clarity on cost and deliverable, target market, segment, positioning statement for each segment.
2. Website: This is a great start up marketing tool. Have a simple, crisp messaging on your website and provide relevant details.
3. Email/Direct mailing campaign: Frame short and crisp email marketing messages for different segments and insert a link to detail your message. The link should lead to the landing page. Prepare a website banner that leads to the landing page.
4. Content is the king: Make sure you are socially present and are active with loads of quality content.
5. Channel partnerships and co-branding are other ways for start up marketing.
6. Join relevant trade organization or start up groups and forums. Make your presence felt there and start networking.

Above all, the intention of your business should be to help your customer in some or the other way and that should be reflected in your messaging rather than just pushing to get sales.

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