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How should you promote your services at almost no cost?

Companies are concerned about the budget involved need to be careful where to publicize their brand. Mentioned below are some of the promotion that you need to do if you want to promote at a lower cost: 1. Social media marketing 2. Search engine optimization 3. Email marketing 4. Podcast 5. Webinar and virtual events A step by step approach will be the following: 1. Make a list of keywords which is relevant to your industry, products, and solutions that your firm is offering. 2. List out the problem areas of your target audience. 3. Develop a content marketing strategy and a content schedule 4. Build your blog and connect it with you social media channels 5. Develop content like blog article, don't forget to optimize it, tag it with relevant hashtags, and make graphics around it for social media and web promotions. 6. Use the content by tying in your email marketing campaign. 7. Plan a webinar and use it for blog and digital marketing

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