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What I like about a fresher management student?

Today a 2nd year girl came for an interview at Marcostat for the position of an intern and I wondered how I was when I was pursuing my MBA. When I was studying my MBA at Jamia Millia Islam is University, we also used to ponder a lot about upgrading our skill sets, keeping up to the assignments, projects, tests, and exams and getting good internships and placements. I was a member of the placement team and still remember the enthusiasm with which we used to contact the companies. The same enthusiasm when I see in today's management graduates, the urge to succeed, learn, grow in career, it really pumps an energy which keeps me going as well. It is rightly said that learning never stops and is so true in all its sense and entirety. I passed my MBA in the year 2008 but when I see what I have learnt post my college, it is tremendous. Everyday we need to keep pace with what's happening in the global economy, thanks to our sir Mr. Chandra Mohan who gave us this habit; what's happening in our domain.. say my domain is branding and marketing; and what's happening in our network.. One should keep the habit of learning forever to be successful and as rightly said the most important thing is to know that you know nothing and still keep learning.

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