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How to start writing??

I still remember the time when the first time in India yahoo mail was launched years ago and everybody was so happy about sending emails to each other in a fraction of second. The first thing I did with internet was sending birthday card to my friend. And now I look around me and I see everyone connected with each other over WiFi and telecom signals. People are so engrossed in digital world that they sometimes prefer it rather than connecting with people face to face. However, the key to be involved in digital world is to start gaining knowledge, connecting with things you like and sharing your knowledge.
I asked many entrepreneurs who have immense knowledge in their domain about sharing what they know on the web and I hear almost the same reply: "Nilofar, you know how hectic my schedule is, I get up at 5am and I start checking my mails and my work finishes with endless meetings and to-do list for the next day. I really don't have time to write but I would love to if I had time".
In reality, nobody ever has time to do anything. Its all about how we prioritize our day and how easily we treat each task to be. Here are some of the things that will help you to have a continuous flow of articles/shares: 1. Absorb your environment: Notice your environment, take clues from it - nature, busy street, people waiting at public offices - share your experience about it. 2. Focus on providing solutions: Almost everyday we encounter various issues where you have figured out a solution, be it from your personal life or your work area, write about it to help people. 3. Ideas/ Tips/ Tricks: We are struck by innumerable ideas, write it down - break it into pieces and write about each one of it. 4. Keep you e-notebook ready and pen down all topics that comes to your mind - You have shared a social media plan with one of your prospect, you can write about social media tools, social media trends, how can social media boost start-up growth. 5. Story with pictures: Everyone has a smartphone these days, click the best experiences and write about it or rather draw diagrams - click it and include it in your articles. Remember, there is no set strategy than can make you consistently write or there's nothing called as 'writer's block'. You just need a reason to share things and pen it down in an organized manner which is intended to help others in some or the other way. And yes, same goes with companies that want to blog. Have questions or suggestions, reach out to me at

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