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Ways to get the 'right' inbound traffic

I heard about traffic in my childhood, which meant a literal traffic concerning transportation - road, sea and air traffic to say. But now, people are more concerned about traffic to their website, blog, social outlets and other web/mobile interfaces. For ease, let's call these digital outlets. Getting inbound leads, traffic, right target audience to the website has always been a point of concern to organizations. So, what should you do to get the right set of people coming to you. Ok.... so what is right traffic?? 'Right' traffic means getting the right audiences to your digital outlets. They can be any of the following - Prospects, Customers, Prospective Employees, Employees, Investors, Industry Analysts, Media, and Shareholders. So.....why do they want to give a piece of their time, come and read your digital outlet?? Whether it is the employees, prospective employees/candidates, prospects, customers, investors, media, shareholders and any other target audience, they are all interested in knowing one or many of the following: Whats new happening with the company, Is this the right company to get associated with? Is it a thought leader in the space? Do they have a stable leadership? How well they keep in pace with the competition, Are they in sync with the latest in the industry?, Do they talk about it digitally?, Do they have interesting content to share?, Are they the thought leaders? Here are simple ways to get inbound traffic alongside maintaining the brand value of your organisation.
  • Focus on the pain areas - List down all the pain points of your customers and prepare a list of collateral that is targeted to solve those pain areas. The collateral can be a blog post, an infographic, an e-book, a white paper and so on.
  • Stay abreast with whats happening in your space - do not always hard sell. Write about what's trending in the industry related to your service domain and also generic business/leadership/employee related information.
  • Write fresh and relevant content which is either informative, solves an issue (related to focus on painpoints of the customers) and make sure to optimize it.
  • Prepare a tweet and post schedule for each content prior to disseminating it in any of the digital outlet.
  • Integrate all the content together for maximum ROI and exposure - For example if you have developed a whitepaper, write an emailer and include the link of the whitepaper in it (this can be used for email campaigns), break into units and blog about it, include it in your newsletter, prepare a graphic/thumbnail and place it on your website, use it as a free download attaching it to other campaigns such as a webinar registration form and so on.
  • Ask guest bloggers and influencers to write and tweet and share your content.
  • Write and display your corporate social initiatives, customer case studies/videos/testimonials - to attract more customers and give a good impression on investors and analysts.
  • Talk about employee/leadership/strategy/trends
  • Prepare a list of hashtags related to all generic and service related topics, make a list of influencers, a list of trade publications and online general magazines, a list of top blogs and start building relations with them, write for them and gain more traffic. Make sure to back link.
  • Be active with webinar and other trade shows and events - prepare content and digital promotion schedule for the same.
  • Social bookmarking your content is equally relevant to get traffic
  • External communication/mails should include links (website and social links)
  • Ease of using the website and its responsiveness is a critical feature
  • Use website directories & review and rating sites
  • Comment and participate on digital outlet conversations
I hope this helps. Thanks for your time reading this. You can reach out to me on twitter @nilofarnigar.

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