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My morning #Skincare routine

Lately, I have been obsessed with taking care of my skin and have seen some amazing results on me and my friends who have been using my routine. It is however not a fixed routine but may help many who follow: Firstly, I wash my face with luke-warm water - believe me, it feels amazing and soothes the skin immediately. I then use my Loreal cleansing milk and massage gently into my skin - post that I wipe it off with cotton. Cleanser -- Use a cleanser, I use Passion Indulge anti-acne cleanser, or Dermalogica, or Neutrogena. Make sure to apply on moist face. use your ring or little finger to massage the face. Wash off with water (luke warm suggested). Toning - I have choices in toner - prefer using one each day. Choices are Shahnaz Hussain Sharose toner, VLCC, Clinique, and the best is Apple Cider Vinegar (caution - this is little harsh - to use this take two cotton pads, dip one in water and take vinegar on the other, wipe portions of face with vinegar immediately followed by wiping with water - use this technique on your entire face) Nourish - Use a pack - Options are 1) clay pack 2) honey and glycerine 3) Oats, Honey and Raw milk 4) Gram flour and curd 5) Curd & Honey 6) Only Honey 7) Only Curd Moisturize - Time to add moisture after the pack - You can use the moisturizer that suits you. I use Body shop oil of life or sometimes just Johnson and Johnson Baby cream. Use a lip balm, of course :) Hydrate - Use a skin serum. I use these three, one each day. Passion indulge facial oil, Vitamin C serum, Vitamin E serum from Body shop, Argan oil. Prefer to complete this routine, at least half hour before you start your makeup. This completes my skin care routine. Follow me on twitter for regular updates: @nilofarnigar

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