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What is going to happen? What if it does not work? Don't even know if that option is better? -- All of these emerge from what is called the 'unknown'. Fear primarily is a product of not knowing someone or something. How do you overcome fear? First, be open minded and remove the restriction from your mind that you do not know a certain thing/place. IT IS OK not to know. No one is a born God to know anythign and everything. Second, be open to explore. The journey is much more fun and exciting than the destination itself. Third, make friendship with the unknown. Once you know that the unknown/dark is your friend, you have nothign else to fear as the one you fear is your ally. As a child I used to fear the dark, the ghosts, black magic, and talks of teh same genre. When I grew up in a traditional muslim family I was taught not to talk about these, and that these are bad and to stay away and that God will protect you. But protect you from what. I tried to explore this myself and went close enough to understand what implications can it have on me, how can it harm me, and tried understanding it better. I don't say that I have complete knowledge, none can have, but wht i have gained so far, has made me to think that there is nothing to fear from them/ these entities.

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