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Christmas Gift Madness: Do You Know the Rules of the Game?

Christmas Gift Madness: Do You Know the Rules of the Game?

Year after year the same story repeats itself. A few days before Christmas you realize that you have once again failed  to buy gifts beforehand. More often than not it’s already too late to order something online. The only option left is to head into that strange reality of your local shopping mall to be trampled, pushed and annoyed - but hey, you’ll most likely find a few things left on the shelves...right? But, is this really the point?

Presents as a way of showing respect to those you care about

Is buying something in a rush at the last minute really ok with you? Or maybe giving presents is not about spending money on someone or about choosing something that is simply popular. Christmas presents ought to show that you know the ones that are close to you and that you care enough to understand  their needs. In other words, a careful choice shows that you made an effort to make them happy.

Where to look for help? Start with your smartphone

From time to time you might find yourself trying to think of just the right gift for someone, and dispite your intense efforts,  you just can’t come up with anything good. Instead of taking that  shot in the dark at your local mall, try downloading a  shopping apps on your smartphone. Some of them can be extremely helpful.  For example, Gift Professor will ask you questions about the recipient and come up with perfect gift ideas. Or if you prefer to look for a gift yourself, you might visit one of the websites that have loads of gift ideas for you. One of our favorites  is Culture Label - it’s like one of those cool museum stores, only it’s HUGE and it’s online.

And apart from tools that will help you choose gifts, there are also ones that can make the whole process more organized. Santa’s Bag will allow you to conveniently make gift lists - including prices and where they can be bought. You can also put your lists into separate groups and protect them with  a passcode that will keep anyone from spying on Santa.

Literature holds all of the answers

And if you still are having trouble, we still think that a book can be a perfect gift for nearly everyone. It is usually not too hard to get a great book for a friend of yours. First, think of their interests and then, to be safe, exclude the most popular titles - they probably have them already. Or you could go with something that refers to their personal (or even better - your mutual) history. And as for those you hardly know - well, this one can be slightly more tricky. You may choose something fairly universal, ideally a book that you liked recently. Or you can check in on  their preferences and look for hints on their social media profiles (perhaps they use Goodreads and have something marked as “Want to Read”)?

Don’t settle for easy and boring solutions

Last but not least, remember to stay creative. If you know a book nerd who travels a lot and prefers to read on his e-reader, find an original way to give him an ebook. Or maybe it is a  season ticket to a spinning class for the cyclist friend of yours. Or maybe tickets to a local show. No one said that physical things make the best gifts. Sometimes creating a memory together is the best gift of all.

However you end up checking off all those names on your shopping list this season we hope you are able to find each person in your life a meaningful and memorable gift they will love.  And we hope that your Santa will be as thoughtful as you have been with everyone else!

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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