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Gifting an eBook? A Smart Solution for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping!

Gifting an eBook? A Smart Solution for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping!

All of us book nerds know that there’s no better gift than a great read. While it’s usually not very expensive and in itself not all that original, it gives you plenty of possibilities. What’s more, if you do manage to choose the perfect title, it allows you to make someone aware that you really care about them and know them well enough. Also, gifting books - especially the ones that are important to you - is a bit like sharing thoughts, which seems like the single best thing you can give to someone that matters to you.

A revolution in Christmas gift shopping?

However, nowadays a small problem arises. Many of our friends or family members simply don’t read paperbacks anymore and don’t feel like going back to carrying a big fat novel around. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we should stop gifting them books. We just need to switch to their electronic versions and do it in the way that will be sophisticated enough.

Mind the device

But before we get to that point, we have to purchase an ebook of our choice. It may sound trivial but it’s necessary to keep in mind what device your gift recipient is using. For example, if he’s reading his ebooks on Kindle, your next stop would be Amazon. There you have to press the “Give as a gift” button and choose whether you’d like to send an e-mail on a specified date or to print a voucher. The procedure is quite similar with Nook (you only need to head to Barnes&Noble instead of Amazon) but it gets slightly more complicated with iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately you can’t gift books from Google Play Store or iTunes. Still, where there’s a will, there’s a way and in this case it would be purchasing a gift card.

How to make it look truly unique?

Which, by the way, is quite convenient if you still care about creative gift wrapping. Not only you can attach a handwritten note, you can also find some inspiration on Pinterest and wrap your present in a really unusual way. So what if it’s only a piece of paper? It’s even better this way, as it gives your imagination more freedom. And if you decide to send it via e-mail, it would be nice to design a Christmas e-card to go with it or simply write a warming personal message.

No matter which way of gifting an e-book you choose, make it clear why you went for this particular title. What’s really special about literature is the content - and this is something truly worth sharing.

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