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A Christmas Lullaby by Stanley Laine

A Christmas Lullaby by Stanley Laine

A CHRISTMAS LULLABY (for baby Autumn)

by Stanley Laine


A fox beneath a winter's moon
Where drifts of snow piled high,
Leaps and bounds, up and down
To keep his red coat dry

Trotting along old Cumberland Road
He climbed a small hill to find,
A cold stone building in moonlight aglow
And a trash can toppled behind

He gathered a meal held firm in his mouth
As he rounded the corner to see,
His eyes at the height of a window sill
Where inside twinkled lights on a tree

An old man with a quilt on his lap
Wheeled alone before a dark window,
A silent tear rolled down his cheek
Reflecting the white glistening snow

The fox moved close and shook his great tail
As the man's lonely eyes rose to find,
The sight of that fur like Santa's long beard
Brought memories of Christmas to mind

So he raised his frail hand
And waved a short while,
As the tail turned his sorrow
Into a broad smile

Run, run, little fox
Hurry on back to your den,
Sleep, sleep, my tiny one
Soon Christmas Day will begin

The fox moved on, through field and forest
By a home nestled deep in the woods,
Where a couple was busy unpacking,
Ornaments and all sorts of goods

Soon their hands held pictures aloft
Then pressing them close to their chest,
Their eyes caught sight of that bright red fox
As he watched from upon the snow's crest

Yet they looked, not only out toward him
But beyond through the white powder drifts,
To a car, now pulling, down their long drive
With loved ones and fancy wrapped gifts

Gazing back inside the warm house
The fox saw them hug and then greet,
As he turned and he bobbed with his bushy red tail
His way toward the end of the street

Run, run, little fox
Hurry on back to your den,
Sleep, sleep, my tiny one
Soon Christmas Day will begin

He moved through a snow covered neighborhood
With lawns all filled with displays,
To spy a happy young couple,
Children on laps while soft music plays

The house was filled by candlelight
And the glow of a small Christmas tree,
The parents were reading a great big book
Of a baby who set us all free

Then by the flickering candle flame
The children were led to their bed,
From their dark room, they spotted the fox
Like a reindeer all covered in red

He waved his tail, bobbing up and down
As the children clapped and danced all around,
But soon they were hushed by worrisome parents
To keep them from making more sound

For very nearby, in another bedroom
Lay a baby snuggled, tight in her crib,
Innocence breathing sweet little breaths
Dreams of rocking chairs, bottles, and bib

So the fox crept off within the deep snow
To the woods where he'd already been,
And making his way down a long steep slope
Found a dark hole that led to his den
He crept on inside and settled his fur
As he pondered the stars and the moon,
Closing his eyes and dreaming about
The warmth of the sun coming soon

Sleep, sleep, little fox
Safely inside your den,
Wake, wake, my tiny one
Christmas has come once again

Now when winter time arrives
And you gaze at the new-fallen snow,
Should a bright red fox suddenly bob
It's a sign you should already know,
That the gift of Christmas
Was meant for us each,
One you will always find,
In the smiles of the old
In the hopes of the young
And the joy of a new baby's reach


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