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Diving Into the Mind - "Sovereign of the Seas" by Stanley Laine

Diving Into the Mind - "Sovereign of the Seas" by Stanley Laine

The art of storytelling is a rare treasure that less and less people seem to possess.  It’s no news – especially for those who are familiar with Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno’s theories – that our hunger for sensation is killing our ability to create an interesting narrative. Keeping this in mind, we should really cherish those who simply provide us with wonderful stories.

One  such writer is Stanley Laine. He always emphasizes that people around him are his greatest inspiration, calling himself completely enchanted with all of his characters. Of course, as readers, we can only suspect that he does them justice. But it’s hard not to admire the gentle yet complex way in which he paints them. He also adds that staying true to his characters and taking as much time as he needs to develop them is a major reason he chooses self-publishing over a more traditional model with a tight timeline

As for Sovereign of the Seas, it tells about a very special journey, not only in the sense of the protagonists taking part in a luxurious cruise but also wandering inside their own minds. Why are the three main characters – Stewart, Vera and Tony – connected? You’ll certainly find their fight with their inner demons intriguing, even if you are occasionally left with the impression that the author could have dug a little deeper.

If you’re looking for literary revolutions – this might not be the right title. However, if you simply yearn for unpretentious stories which carry their quiet, unintrusive wisdom, you should definitely give Sovereign of the Seas a chance.

- Anne,

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