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Ephemeral Fiction - "Tom Wilson" by Sergio Pereira

Ephemeral Fiction - "Tom Wilson" by Sergio Pereira

What you need to know about Sergio Pereira is that he’s not only a talented fiction writer but also a very versatile journalist. He has an impressive knowledge of culture that he is able to translate into a ravishing novel.

You may find his newest work, Tom Wilson, to be quite surprising. While the title would suggest a heavy focus on his main character, perhaps even a psychological study, the protagonist is actually somewhat fortuitous. While I can’t deny that Tom Wilson seems to be a warm and likable person, he could be replaced by nearly anyone.

This is  not a bad thing though, actually, quite the opposite. What counts here is the flow of this short novel and author’s ability to create tension. The  descriptions and visualizations are beautiful, even as the constant fear of losing what’s most precious to you (including your own identity) creeps through every page.

Another thing I really liked is the composition. The main events are skillfully balanced between the idyllic beginning and a calm, unintrusive ending. As far as genre is concerned, it falls closest to horror. The aging married couple lives a happy life in quiet neighborhood. The man is waiting for dinner to be served and suddenly, he hears a sound and… well, let’s just say few things around him change and he can’t find his wife. And so his strange adventure begins…

The whole story leaves you with an enchanting and frightening impression. The only aspects I’d consider changing would be the addition of a few more insights into main character’s mind. But still, it’s a very engaging, highly recommended read.

- Anne,

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