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A Guide Through Passion - "Joyous Expansion" by Brett Dupree

A Guide Through Passion - "Joyous Expansion" by Brett Dupree

Some time ago, I asked a friend if he thinks anyone can be happy - as in truly satisfied - on a regular basis. Of course, people have been wondering about such things for centuries but nowadays the angle changes due to the popularity of “life coaching” and, well, the pressure of self-actualization. At various points of our history it was cool to be miserable - like Werther, then like Schopenhauer and not so long ago, like rock music idols. Not anymore - now you’re expected to be fit, happy, motivated and focused. However, sometimes it does become a little silly and the obligation to find happiness may be exactly what keeps you from achieving it.

And that’s exactly what Brett Dupree will explain to you. His aim is not only to show you how to achieve but also how to enjoy your passions and keep being driven by them. It’s kind of refreshing that he won’t force his views on you but at the same time he’s firm enough to spark your inner fire. Another thing that works well is the thoughtful structure of the book. While I have to admit the foreword by Andy Dooley sort of put me off as it seemed a bit sloppy for my liking, I really admired the construction of later chapters.

First of all, Dupree did a great job with choosing the quotes. They’re short, precise and straight to the point. You could actually say the same about his writing - the paragraphs are never too long and the text is divided by headlines. The theory is usually supplemented with anecdotes of his life, in which he isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself. There are also practical exercises to help you implement the happier, more effective lifestyle right away.

You are free to check plenty of positive opinions about Joyous Expansion or Brett Dupree’s impressive qualifications as a life coach. But most of all, I recommend taking a peek into this inspiring book and seeing for yourself that it can be a worthwile guide.

- Anne,

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