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For the first time ever you can download an ebook with just one click - no registration, no payment form. Read it first, then pay as much as you feel it’s worth or as much as you can afford. It’s easy: simply use payment links from the book. Feel free to send file copies to friends. It is not only legal but highly encouraged! Anyone who will read the book is asked to pay for it and can do it with ease. Viral sharing of your favorite titles not only helps the authors reach a wider audience, but also increases their revenue.

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Our library is constantly growing and gathers excellent fiction and mind-body-spirit authors. Each of the titles is available in the 3 most popular formats: EPUB, MOBI and PDF - to fit your device.

We believe in rewarding great talent.  From each sum you are willing to pay, 70% of net revenue goes directly to the author. We offer them full control over the process, including withdrawing their royalties on demand... which is pretty unique among retailing platforms.

If you are an author or an aspiring writer all you need to publish with is a source file in EPUB or DOCX format. Our system automatically converts your file,  embeds the payment links, and makes it available for readers as EPUB, MOBI and PDF.

We have also created an editorial section to spoil our readers with enchanting reviews and help them to discover new authors. Articles are written by editors, our talented writers and avid readers. We’re creating a global community where we can all share our knowledge and experience.

The service is now available for a limited group of beta testers while team is developing and evaluating a few additional features. Users can now apply for early access. By mid February all the features of the service will become available for registered users. This will be the moment of our Development Lock. It means that until the Public Release, which is planned for mid March, team will focus on gathering feedback from testers and polishing usability of the website.

Launching a revolutionary web service is a dynamic process full of surprising challenges. This is why keeps the public posted on its progress and development plans.

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