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Change perspective and "ACCELerate Your Social Media" with John Coupland

Change perspective and "ACCELerate Your Social Media" with John Coupland

“ACCELerate Your Social Media” gives us everything  we could expect from a social media guidebook – a review of social platforms, on-line tools for networking, ways to evaluate and analyze our Internet activities, etc. But what’s more important is that it introduces us to a deeper and more mature look into the whole strategy of a business or organization.

Coupland directs our attention to the quite obvious but widely forgotten truth: we use on-line tools and activities to create results in the real world. Therefore, he reminds us that people are still the most important factor in a network. Treating them with care and respect will give better results than any, even the most up-to-date, artificial algorithm.

That of course doesn’t mean that we’re deprived of methodology to improve our social media. We’re given many thought-provoking ideas and exercises to be put into practice. What’s more, the book includes 70 boxes with strategic tips which we can look back at any time we want. And the most important ideas are aggregated in the 5 key ACCELerators™, which are described in detail so anyone can understand and make great use of them. Literally anyone, as Coupland remembers to introduce and explain any new term.

Although the book seems to be directed mainly to business people, anyone can benefit – those who run NGOs, administrative workers, bloggers, artists who want to promote themselves – basically anybody who wants to make a social impact or at least successfully participate in social media.

Throughout the book we will come across many crucial questions which force us to self-reflect. And this self-reflection can be the most important reason for reading this book. We all use social media nowadays but we don’t often think about if we’re using it well or effectively or if our efforts give us incremental benefits. This book will help us check this and will guide us through the world of modern technology and old psychological codes of people’s behavior. It’s a must-read for anyone who seriously thinks about a social media strategy with a long-term perspective.

- Marlene,

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