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Press Release 2015-02-18 Unveils Independent eBook Store Featuring “Read Before You Pay” Business Model

Premium Compensation for Authors, Reader Determined Pricing and Unlimited Copying/Sharing Sets New Precedent in eBook Publishing.
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Reading and sharing ebooks has never been so simple. No forms to fill in and just one click to download a file that matches your device. Make as many ebook copies as you like and send them to friends! It’s not only legal but highly encouraged. Enjoy complete freedom with no restrictions. 

With you read first, then pay! Just click a payment link embedded in the file then choose how much you’d like to pay based on how much the book is worth to you and how much you can afford.

Isn’t it amazing?


The images you are about to download are subject to the Image Usage Agreement below. By copying or making any use of the images below you acknowledge that you have read and understood it. If you do not agree to the terms of the agreement, do not copy or use the images in any way, unless you have written permission signed by OpenBooks Limited.

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It is all about reading. So download eBooks with just one click. You’ll pay later if you like them.


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The best fantasy eBooks? Ones you can read before you decide how much you want to pay for them. Ones you can copy and share with friends. Limitless ones.


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Fiction? No it’s the truth. You can pay for eBooks after you read them. You can make copies of them and send to friends - legally and beneficially for authors.


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Discover new exciting books and start reading. You’ll pay later if you like. We’ll make sure most of your payment goes directly to the authors.


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Read first and if you love the eBook pay when you want and how much it’s worth to you. It’s easy - the payment link is embedded in the eBook.


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Sharing eBooks ís even easier than sharing paper books.You copy a file and send it to friends. They pay if they like the read - the payment link is embedded in the eBook.


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The current publishing system is so outdated and over-complicated. Time for something super simple, super transparent and super ethical.


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Lost your eBook? No problem. It’s in your bookshelf. Here you can decide to pay for it or delete it. You can also re-download any eBook you’ve previously paid for.


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Let the adventure begin! Discover new inspiring writers and new exciting reads. Read first, pay later… if you like.


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For authors, provides fair compensation for their work and creativity, earning them a 70 percent share from net revenue sales. Writers can withdraw royalties on demand and keep all rights to their properties.


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Books are remarkable

They tell you stories, take you places,teach you things, all at the turn of a page. invites you to download eBooks, read them, decide how much you’d like to pay and share them.


Download (PNG) offers eBooks, not publishing gimmicks, which are costly and of no benefit to either the writer or the reader. This way we give our writers 70% from sales, not 10% like most publishing houses.


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